Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for January Born? Why not try January Birth Flower Gifts.

Flowers are one of the greatest gifts. They provide so much color, beauty, and symbolism. They’ve become a foundation of celebratory gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Everyone loves to receive flowers on their birthday, but you can turn your gift into something meaningful by sending your loved ones their birth month flowers.

January Birth Flower Gifts: Birth Flower Gift Ideas for January Born

Who are these January Birth Flower Gifts for:– If you have a friend or family member who is born in January, show them how much you care and give them a gift that goes along with their birthday month.

Birth MonthBirth FlowersMeaning
JanuaryCarnation and SnowdropAdmiration, love, Hope, rebirth

Pro Tip: If you’d like to add a personal touch to your flowers you can write a message on a card. 

Just like birthstones, birth flowers are symbolic of the month we’re born in, and each one carries a special meaning.

Everything on the list has been carefully compiled based on a January Birth Flower, so you can be confident in finding that perfect present.

1. Flower Snowdrop Glass handblown

Why we recommend it: This is a hand-blown glass Snowdrop figurine which is made in the technique of lampworking (also it is called glass blowing). We used only color glass rods, a gas torch, and some hand tools to form a figurine from a softened glass. 

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2. Preserved Fresh Flower

Why we recommend it: Transparent glass dome plus an exquisite base with gypsophila decor underneath the flower, an immortal flower with grade A embedded in it, crystal heart design on top of the dome stands purity.

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3. Snowdrops & Crystal Flowers EDT Spray

Why we recommend it: Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers, an indescribably soft, elegant, and indulgent scent that combines snowdrop flowers, sensuous crystal musk, and precious jasmine with clementine blossoms and sheer freesia.

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Why we recommend it: A modern interpretation of perfume intended to be worn in place of traditional fragrance, this extra-rich crème – containing three times the fragrance level of our perfume – is designed to capture fragrance & slowly release when applied, for long-lasting perfume delivery.

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5. Gold Plated Birth Month Flower Necklace (January/Carnation)

Why we recommend it: These beautiful birth flower pendants come in gold and silver tones — a gorgeous gift for any woman, any month! Each necklace comes on unique carding with a reading based on each birth flower.

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6. Birth Month Flower With Beads Layered Sterling Silver Necklace

Why we recommend it: Solid Sterling Silver with S925 stamp which is lead-safe, nickel-safe, and cadmium-safe. Platinum plating, give the look of white gold and platinum. Comfort-Fit Design.

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7. Snowdrop Drop-In Size: 13.5″

Why we recommend it: Dangling on slender stems, the delicate white and green blossoms of the snowdrop rise just above their leaf tops. Enjoy them free-standing, nestled in a pot, or grouped.

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8. Birth Flower Necklace (Jan – Snowdrop)

Why we recommend it: The Snowdrop flower is seen as a symbol of rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges in life. It can serve as a delicate reminder that we can all do great things in life-if only we set our minds to it.
There is nothing that can make you fail if you have the drive to succeed!

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9. 100 White Carnations – Fresh Flower Delivery

Why we recommend it: All our White Best White Carnations are harvested in environmentally-friendly greenhouses, using the latest equipment offered, so we can assure excellence every single day.
Globalrose sells Best White Carnations at prices that are usually lower than most local wholesalers.

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10. Rainbow Mini Carnations, With Vase

Why we recommend it: These floral designers arrange each bouquet specifically to maintain quality and consistency for its overnight trip.
Remove the flowers from the box, cut the stems, and place them in a vase with fresh water and a flower food packet

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11. Silk Carnation Flowers, 100 Pcs

Why we recommend it: Sun boutique Silk Carnations are a great gift for your best friend, dad, brother, boss, or boyfriend. This represents your love and respect for them, and they will appreciate it for years.

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12. 100 Pink Carnations – Fresh Cut Flowers

Why we recommend it: We produce flowers year-round in the best climate available in the world for growing flowers.
All our varieties are available throughout the year.
Because they are grown in greenhouses, using the latest technology available we can offer quality every single day.

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13. Silver Mom Heart Carnation Flower Necklace

Why we recommend it: The pink carnation becomes the symbol of a mother’s undying love and are presented to express tenderness and fondness.

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14. January Carnation – Flower Necklace Sterling Silver Pendant

Why we recommend it: The Perfect Pendant as a gift for any Occasion, this January Birth Month Carnation Flower Disk Pendant Jewelry is a beautiful addition to any Jewelry Collection.

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15. Glass Flower Snowdrop and Honey bee

Why we recommend it: This is a hand-blown glass Snowdrop figurine which is made in the technique of lampworking (also it is called glass blowing). We used only color glass rods, a gas torch, and some hand tools to form a figurine from a soft glass. 

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16. Colorful Assorted Carnations – Fresh Flowers

Why we recommend it: These attractive and brilliant Assorted Carnations come absolutely fresh. Some suggested uses are bridesmaid’s carnation bouquets, wedding flower arrangements, anniversaries’ flower gift, or just because you need to cheer up with their beauty.

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17. January “Flowers Of The Month” Birth Flower Pendant Necklace

Why we recommend it: Celebrate your birth month–or layer several pieces to represent all your loved ones–with this 1928 Jewelry necklace, whose pendant bears a textured image of the flower associated with each month of the year.

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18. Yellow Carnation Plant with Gift Box

Why we recommend it: This pretty Carnation plant (Dianthus caryophyllus) with delicate flowers would make a charming gift.
The plant is supplied in the decorative white pot and presented in the card window box as shown, making this an ideal gift for all plant lovers!

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19. Artificial Flower Bouquet with Vase 

Why we recommend it: These artificial flowers are 99% similar to real flowers. Their sizes, shapes, and postures are all based on flowers in nature.
Their colors are also arranged to be delightful.
It makes you feel happy when the cute colorful flowers appear in your eyes.

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20. ‘Snowdrop’ Natural Druzy Hammered Ring in Sterling Silver & Gold Plate

Why we recommend it: A sparkling white druzy steals the attention away from this two-tone ring, crafted in hammered sterling silver with gold plating around the center stone for a pop of contrast.

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What is the Birth Flower for January?

Carnations and snowdrops are the two birth flowers most commonly associated with January.

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