January Birthday Gifts To help you shop for all the important people in your life with a January birthday. In this list of gifts, we have compiled Things January Born people like to have.

January is coming up, so it’s time to check out the calendar and see how many gifts for January born you’ll need to shop for this month.

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January Birthday Gifts: Birthday Gift Ideas for January Born

Who are these January gifts for:– If you have a friend or family member who is born in January, show them how much you care and give them a gift that goes along with their birthday month.

Gifts for January Birthdays – Birthday Gifts for People Born in January

Keep on scrolling to see cool and unique January gifts we have for your giftee!

January Man Gifts: Gifts for January Born Man

January Birthday Gifts for Him

Gifts for January Born man, We are going to help you shop for all the important men in your life with a January birthday.

A January born man is powerful, family loving, free, and cool. On the outer, he is very strict with his own set of rules but deep down he is sympathetic and kind. They prefer making a name for themselves to being wealthy.

gifts for january born man
gifts for january born man

Here are the best presents for different occasions for your January Born man: He’s going to love it, guaranteed.

1. Hooded Sweatshirt Graphic Hoodie (January)

Why we like it: Inspired by what’s happening in the Fashion world today we bring you the latest graphics and fashion-forward designs So Shop with Ease and show off your Style.

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2. MANSCAPED Crop Essentials

Why we like it: Male Care Hygiene Bundle, Includes Invigorating Body Wash, Moisturizing Ball Deodorant, High-Performance Body Toner, and Disposable Shaving Mats.
Why we recommend it: These essential below-the-waist formulas include a luxury body wash and conditioner, a liberating, oil-free, anti-chafing ball deodorant, and a one-of-a-kind body and ball toner/refresher.

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3. Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

Promising review: Let me just say, ITS AMAZING. You just feel the good quality. The back is made of a thick material, the black straps are nicely done, the laptop sleeve is so soft so your laptop is safe from scratches & the inside is spacious. – Aly

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4. Survival Gear and Equipment 12 in 1

Why we like it: This Camping Accessories is the perfect companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you’re hiking, camping, hunting, Fishing, backpacking, travel or adventures.

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5. Timberland Mt. Maddsen Men’s Boot Hiker Shoes

Why we like it: These all-terrain hiking boots will keep your feet dry in rugged style, these leather hikers take on any adventure and any terrain.

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6. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Why we like it: Building your breakfast sandwich comes together in just a few steps with a breakfast maker—and you don’t even need to leave your house.
Why we recommend it: Use this breakfast maker to completely customize your sandwich with your choice of bread, cheese, eggs, meats, and much more.

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7. Shaving Kit for Men by Bevel

Why we like it: Bevel products are designed to provide a high quality and premium grooming experience.
Why we recommend it: This shaving kit includes everything you need for a cleaner, smoother shave that reduces bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation.

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8. Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set

Why we like it: The handy cutting knives that come with this bamboo cheese board cut through hard cheeses with minimal effort.
Why we recommend it: They are made of high-quality stainless steel with bamboo handles that are easy to grip.

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9. Hot Sauce Kit

Why we like it: Unique gift: instead of giving the same gifts you give each holiday and birthday, use our hot sauce kit to give an experience instead.

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10. Coffee Mug Gifts Set 

Why we like it: Ideal Handmade Presents for Any Coffee or Tea Lover- Elegant appearance design and high hardness, must a great gifts for men.

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11. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Why we like it: Sophisticated AI technology allows you to use Rocketbook’s smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching for your notes.

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12. Bifold Slim Front Pocket Wallet – Personalized Wallet

Why we like it: Each wallet is unique because it’s made of genuine leather so it may have slight variations and markings.

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13. Men’s Constitution of the United States Silk Necktie

Promising review: Great purchase. This high quality tie arrived quickly. My husband wears a tie every day. He doesn’t wear novelty or cutesy ties. This tie is not obnoxious or loud. It’s very tasteful. He put it on the next morning and showed it off proudly. – Nechama Eilfort

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14. Handmade Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Why we like it: Each and every pair of our sunglasses are unique, hand-selected, and packaged in the USA.
Why we recommend it: Premium UV400 polarized sunglasses that reduce the glare reflected off roads, water, snow, and other surfaces. 

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15. Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

Why we like it: Cool Gifts for Animal Lovers – 6-Piece Colorful Chefs Knives Set – Unique Gift Idea for Home, Wedding Gifts for Couple
Why we recommend it: The full set of Chef’s Vision knives covers all of your cutting, chopping, slicing, and paring needs — beautifully!

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16. Bonsai Starter Kit

Why we like it: The Complete Growing Kit to Easily Grow 4 Bonsai Trees from Seed + Comprehensive Guide & Bamboo Plant Markers – Unusual Gardening Gifts Ideas for Women – Indoor Bonzai Tree Seeds.
Why we recommend it: Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions, and you’re good to go!

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17. Push Pin World Map Board

Why we like it: Display life’s journeys w/our unique top-quality travel maps! Tons of Character, Push Pins included.
Why we recommend it: Heavy-duty; real cork backing for push pins; internal frame; stretched canvas print. Ready to hang.

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18. Men’s Warm Flannel Fleece Robe with Hood

Why we like it: A Comfortable Robe Is A Thoughtful Way Of Telling Him “You Deserve To Relax” – Making It The Perfect Present For Christmas, Father’S Day Or His Birthday.

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19. Wood Phone Docking Station

Why we like it: The stand is easy to assemble (assembly manual attached). Compatible with all kinds of smartphones.
Why we recommend it: The stand also has compartments for wallets, documents, glasses, watches, fitness trackers, bracelets, keys, stationary, etc.

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20. Bartender Kit Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

Why we like it:  Whether you’re a bartender or beginner, it will very suitable for you.
Why we recommend it: Enjoy the fun of making your own cocktail at home, our bartender kit will allow you to quickly and easily create even the most complex drinks.

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21. 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

Promising review: I think I ended up with this for Christmas from my wife… not really a stand out for me but is definitely that type of filler gift – thekidnewyork

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22. Personal Genetic DNA Test

Why we like it: Know your personal story in a whole new way. Discover your ancestry composition and where in the world your DNA is from across 2000+ regions.
Why we recommend it: Discover the origins of your maternal and paternal ancestors and how they moved around the world over thousands of years. 

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23. Working Man’s Leather Belt

Why we like it: belts are heavy-duty, rugged, and extremely durable. They can be stylishly worn with any pair of jeans, khaki pants, or shorts.

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24. Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband

Why we like it: Wireless Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Soft Music Headband-Perfect Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers Running Yoga Insomnia Travel, Gift for Men
Why we recommend it: Wireless sleep headphones is perfectly suitable for a nap, air travel, gym, workout, running, yoga as well as sleeping.

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25. Wooden Bottle Caddy – Handcrafted

Why we like it: Handcrafted solid wood 6 pack beer carrier with rustic cast iron bottle opener and magnetic cap catch. Personalized Gift perfect for Christmas, Birthdays New Years, and more
Why we recommend it: After trying several different styles we have finally found our perfect design! Each Beer Caddy is handcrafted, personalize, and finished individually.

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26. Official BEARD KING Beard Catcher

Why we like it: Men’s Grooming Cape for Shaping and Trimming – One Size Fits All – Static and Stick Free Fabric – White – Deluxe
Why we recommend it: Designed with a self-packing pouch to easily stow away on the go when traveling. 

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27. Viking Drinking Horn

Why we like it: Genuine Ox Horn Tankard for Ale & Mead – Food-Grade Medieval Style Mug – Handcrafted Manly Beer Cup – Gift Idea for Anniversary, Birthday & Father’s Day – Large, Natural
Why we recommend it: Feel like a chief with our drinking horn mug. Each horn is unique and comes in a gift tote bag.

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28. Personalized Engraved Watch

Why we like it: Whether it’s flashy or unassuming, you can tell a lot from a man’s watch.
Why we recommend it: Timepieces have become even more of a fashion statement where they tell a story of who you are or communicate something about your style. 

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29. Zippo Hand Warmer

Why we like it: Virtually odorless (great for hunter). Stay warm for up to 12 hours. Reuseable with Zippo lighter fluid. Includes filler cup and warming bag.
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30. Multitool Camping Accessories Survival Gear

Why we like it: Survival Gear and Equipment 14 in 1 Hatchet with Knife Axe Hammer Saw Screwdrivers Pliers Bottle Opener Durable Sheath Gifts for Men
Why we recommend it: A Fantastic Gift for Adventure Seekers.

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31. 100 Deadly Skills

Why we like it: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation.
Why we recommend it: Definitely worth reading through it, as it doesn’t only cover deadly skills, but also many other fields such as self-defense, how to hide from surveillance, etc, and other things.

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January Woman Gifts: Gifts for January Born Woman

January Birthday Gifts for Her

Gifts for January Born woman, We are going to help you shop for all the important women in your life with a January birthday.

January born women are very ambitious. They are great housewives and are totally organized. They have an eye for fashion and know what can go well with what item.

gifts for january born woman
gifts for january born woman

Here are the best presents for different occasions for your January Born woman: She’s going to love it, guaranteed.

32. I Am A January Girl T-Shirt

Why we like it: For women and girls with a January Birthday. Then I’m a January girl tee shirt that features feminine girl text and witty sayings.
Why we recommend it: If you or someone you know has a fire inside them and is a real firecracker get this t-shirt!

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33. Backpack Purse PU Washed Leather

Promising review: This bag is very soft and luxurious looking yet wipes clean, is water-resistant and hasn’t scratched. I’ve had no issues with the zipper pulls; they seem very solid. – Gilly

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34. Women’s Tofino II Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot

Why we like it: the polar lining and the removable EVA insole make this boot the ideal protection and comfort solution for the whole winter.
Why we recommend it: Style and comfort even on the coldest days.

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35. Portable Coral Beauty Fridge

Why we like it: Keeps skincare products cool to extend their shelf life.
Why we recommend it: Features a clear dry-erase board for notes or to keep track of skincare products.

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36. January Monthly Angel Stone Resin Figurine

Why we like it: Foundation shares messages of comfort, spirituality, and inspiration. 

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37. Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

Why we like it: Colored Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds, FM Radio & Reading Lamp, Tap Snooze.
Why we recommend it: Simulated sunset and sunrise and choice of 5 different natural wake-up sounds.

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38. Body Bath Spa Collection -Gift Set

Why we like it:  Organic 100% Natural – Body Oil, Body Butter, Lip Balm, Scrub – Treat & Feed Your Skin With All Food Grade Ingredients.

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39. Pandora Charm Bracelet Birthstone

Why we like it: Choose your favorite color to match your clothes and Be shining with this beautiful Jewelry!
Why we recommend it: Occasion: Everyday use, Party, Anniversary, Valentine Gift, Mother’s Day gift, Christmas Gift

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40. Spa Gift Basket for Relaxing at Home Spa Kit

Why we like it: PURE Bath Sets for Women are the #1 Choice in Spa Baskets and Women’s Gift Baskets Honey Almond Spa Set.
Why we recommend it: Use Honey Almond essential oil spa gift basket to get a good night’s sleep for kids & adults!

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41. Birth Month Bangle Bracelet

Promising review: A BEAUTIFUL bracelet! It seems dull and unimaginative to simply call it beautiful, but those are the words that come to mind. Since my husband is in hospital and no one else is gifting me, I thought I’d gift myself! – Ms. J. C. Ellis

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42. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Why we like it: Perfect as a gift for friends and family—track each other’s progress and make staying hydrated a fun activity! 
Why we recommend it: Tracks Water Intake & Glows to Remind You to Stay Hydrated.

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43. Romantic Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle Atomizer

Promising review: Beautifully crafted and atomizes very well. One small wish, a tiny funnel to facilitate filling from a larger, bulk bottle. – Norm-al

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44. Birthstone Pendant Adjustable Chain

Why we like it: This Cat Birthstone Necklace and card are presented inside a sleek gift box, which we then hand decorated with a ribbon and flowers.
Why we recommend it: You can also wear them with your choice of chain length by simply adjusting the chain, without the need to remove the necklace.

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45. Fashionpedia – The Visual Dictionary Of Fashion Design

Why we like it: a visual fashion dictionary covering all the technical terms from style to material to production with illustrations and infographics.
Why we recommend it: Whether you are an industry insider or a fashion connoisseur, FASHIONPEDIA is all you will ever need to navigate the fashion scene.

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46. January Birthstone Dark Red Ring

Why we like it: We have created this personalized collection to help you celebrate your first most memorable occasions from the heart and enhance your everyday fashion decorations color statement look.

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47. Oversized Hoodie Blanket Sweatshirt

Why we like it: soft Sherpa hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable during cold days and nights. Perfect to take on all your travels.
Why we recommend it: It is designed oversize for a comfortable roomy fit.

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48. Premium Mega Wood Box Art

Why we like it: Painting & Drawing Set that contains all the additional supplies you need to get started and the Bonus Wooden Drawing Easel with drawer.
Why we recommend it:

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49. VEGAN Variety Makeup BRUSH SET

Why we like it: The vegan makeup brush set is best used for liquids, but has a variety of brushes for almost any type of makeup and applications, such as creams, powders, foundation, and concealers.

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50. Fossil Women Leather Casual Quartz Watch

Why we like it: inspired by American creativity and ingenuity. Bringing a new life into the watch and leather industry by making quality, fashionable accessories that are both fun and accessible.
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51. Round Cut January Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Why we like it: Birthstone solitaire pendant necklace featuring a round birthstone prong-set in high polished sterling silver.
Promising Review: This is small but beautiful, a lovely gift to dear dear friend.

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52. Electric Toothbrush

Why we like it: Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun.

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53. January Birthstone Dragon Egg Statue

Why we like it: This Hatchling Dragon In Egg is a perfect Birthday Gift for a loved one or a fine collectible for any dragon fans!
Why we recommend it: The gemstone used in this figurine is not a precious gem but a toy decorative gem.

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54. Women’s Mountain Waterproof Jacket

Promising review: Nice jacket. Very warm. Fits as expected. Am able to wear a hooded sweatshirt under the jacket. Arm length is comfortable, not too long, not to short. – Rachel

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55. Yoga Back Roller

Why we like it: A yoga back roller is a device that is used to help massage the back. It is a cylinder-shaped object that is rolled up and down the spine. The roller can be made of different materials, such as foam, plastic, or metal.

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56. January Birthday, Multicolor Glass

Why we like it: The perfect gift to give for those January birthdays. All Lolita Wine Glasses come packaged in a signature gift box with a unique recipe.
Why we recommend it: Every glass is mouth-blown and hand-painted. Hand washes only.

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57. Ted Baker Women’s Bhunni Slipper

Promising review: These slippers are darling. I have had to send back and reorder, simply because they run a half size smaller. Gave as a gift and the recipient LOVES them and is a bunny freak! – CLRogers

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58. Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Why we like it: Styles Hair Up to 10 Times Faster Than a Flat Iron.
Why we recommend it: made of top quality materials that ensure best results with every use.

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59. Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

Why we like it: 8 kneading massage nodes provide a deep massage to your tissues and muscles.
Why we recommend it: Uses Shiatsu-based therapy replaces the therapist wherever go to provide a soothing and relaxing experience to your strained muscles whether it is due to the physical strain on mental stress.

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60. Amazonian clay matte palette

Promising review: Amazing colors. All are matte. Beautiful colors for a mature woman, or for a natural look for a young woman. – Madeline

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61. Charms for Bracelet and Necklace

Promising review: This is a stunning piece. I’ve been wearing it on its own on a silver chain and it’s absolutely beautiful. Thinking I will purchase the birthday of my daughter and her beau to create an amazing family piece. So pretty. – nd

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January Born Facts

January Birth Stone: Garnet, Emerald, Rose Quartz.
January Birth Flower: Snowdrop, Carnation
January Zodiac Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius
January Colors: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Red

Zodiac Sign for January Born – The two zodiac signs associated with the month of January are Capricorn and Aquarius.

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