Whether you’re looking for October Birthstone jewelry for yourself or for someone celebrating an October birthday as a gift, you’ll love our well-researched collection of beautiful garnet rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.

October Birthstone Gifts: Birthstone Gift Ideas for October Born

Who are these October Birthstone Gifts for:– If you have a friend or family member who is born in October, show them how much you care and give them a gift that goes along with their birthday month.

Birth MonthBirthstone
OctoberOpal for truth and protection
Tourmaline for protection and creativity

October birthstone jewelry ideas that make for lovely gifts.

Everything on the list has been carefully compiled based on October Birthstones, so you can be confident in finding that perfect present.

October Birthstone Gifts for Man

Here is our handpicked list of October Birthstone Jewellery Gifts for every man in your life, which we can guarantee they’ll love.

1. Antique Bronze Gemstone – October Birthstone Gift

Why we like it: October birthstone necklace to calm your mind and bring clarity in life. Simple bold lines mixed with detailed wire work make this necklace a unique piece.
Why we recommend it: Unisex bracelet, great gift idea for an October-born man.

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2. Authentic Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Promising Review: ‘As soon as I put this bracelet on. A very peaceful feeling come over me. I wear it all the time, and the feeling of calm is always with me.’ – Donna Packer-Shupe

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3. Tourmaline Necklace for Men

Why we like it: Tourmalines October month birthstone that is considered as a stone of success and true love.
Why we recommend it: Sweet and stylish birthstone gift to wish him all the good things in life.

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4. October Birthstone Jewelry for Him

Why we like it: This surfer-style handmade men’s choker necklace features natural Opal and Tiger’s Eye beads. The necklace is finished off with a lobster claw clasp.
Why we recommend it: This bracelet is rustic yet stylish that any man wouldn’t mind wearing.

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5. Rough Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Promising Review: I searched high and low for a bracelet made out of crystals or stones for my husband, whose a real macho man.
I finally came across this bracelet and took a risk. Boy am I glad I did! Great quality. Beautiful. Built to last. I ordered some more for the whole family…’ – ASlat

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6. Orgone Pendant Tree Of Life For Men

Promising Review: ‘This piece is very attractive. The cord is durable and comfortable to wear. Cording is adjustable. Very well-made.
The pendant is lightweight, has smooth edges, and colors are vibrant. Received many compliments. Will buy this again to gift.’ – Mrs Sarah

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7. Multi-color Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelet

Why we like it: Multi-color tourmaline birthstone bracelet is such a nice and cool looking accessory to have.
Why we recommend it: An October born is going appreciate this sweet and thoughtful gift.

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8. Gemstone Oval Rope Edge Handcrafted Cocktail Ring

Why we recommend it: This beautiful Gemstone Ring would be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Made from 925 Sterling Silver with stamped 925 and genuine oval-shaped lapis lazuli gemstones. Oxidized finish for a rustic look, classic and stylish design which you can wear every day with your casual or official look.

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9. Pendant Black Lava Grey Tourmaline October

Why we recommend it: A gift to wish true love and success for him.
Charming and stylish Tourmaline stone bracelet is something he would love to wear all the time.

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10. Black Tourmaline Necklace

Why we recommend it: Unique ancient style October birthstone necklace for men.
Cool accessory for him to flaunt his birth month pride.

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11. Men’s Ring with Oval Shape Gemstone

Why we recommend it: Elegant looking opal birthstone featuring ring will also make a style statement for men.
Promising Review: ‘Gorgeous ring. My bf loves it. Great quality for the price. Highly recommend’ – Kelly R.

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12. October Birthstone Gemstone Beaded Bracelets

Why we like it: Simple, Classic, Elegant, and Trendy.
Why we recommend it: Glossy finish, polished black onyx beads are paired with sterling silver to give this masculine October birthstone bracelet to give a man simple yet sophisticated look.

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13. Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant Necklace

Why we like it: Antique bronze accents an untouched raw tourmaline in this black tourmaline necklace.
Why we recommend it: Black tourmaline helps purify energies around you and grounds your own vibe. A gift for October born that he don’t know he needs.

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14. Stone Beaded Lion Bracelet

Promising Review: ‘If Tiger’s Eye is your thing. The bracelet is stellar. This is a quality product put together with care. It shows in the fit and finish…
The lions head is a sweet little accent. Even the boxes they send them in made me appreciate the product even more. A nice touch that can be used for gifts for others.’ – Anonymous

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15. October Birthstone – Handmade Vintage Necklace

Why we like it: This amazing pendant uses simple bold lines mixed with detailed wire work to create a rustic pendant like no other.
Why we recommend it: October birthstone necklace to purify your being with clarity and sense of purpose with this earthy fire opal necklace.

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October Birthstone Gifts for Woman

Here is our handpicked list of October Birthstone Jewellery Gifts for every woman in your life, which we can guarantee they’ll love.

Why we like it: Cute and charming bracelet that represents the recipient’s birthstone.
Why we recommend it: This will be such a sweet, romantic caring gift for your beloved lady.

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17. Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace March Birthstone

Why we like it: The meaningful tree of life necklace will bring love and peace to her.
Why we recommend it: Perfect Gifts for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Valentines Day and Graduation, Baby Birth.

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18. Necklace I Love You to the Moon and Back Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why we like it: Heart-shaped Pink Tourmaline and romantic shooting stars surrounded by the half-moon. 
Why we recommend it: This necklace featured a Tourmaline birthstone and the half-moon of the pendant is engraved with “I Love You To the Moon and Back”.
Such a sweet, innovative, and romantic gift to impress a lady.

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19. Bangle October Rose Bracelet

Why we like it: Classy, elegant and versatile.
Why we recommend it: Birthstone bracelet to show your love and care for an October-born girl or woman.

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20. Heart Pendant Necklace Birthstone

Why we recommend it: Beautifully designed necklace featuring her birthstone is the next necklace she deserves as a gift.

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21. Sterling Silver October Birthstones Necklace

Why we like it: Sturdy and pretty looking stone necklace that is comfortable, versatile and convenient.
Why we recommend it: Lovely birthstone necklace a wonderful keepsake that she will adore.

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22. Butterfly Charm Birthstone Bracelets

Promising Review: ‘I purchased this bracelet as a treat for myself and was absolutely thrilled when I received it!
It’s so unique with the hanging crystal that dangles below my wrist while the sparkly butterfly is displayed on the top of my wrist. Just love this bracelet❣️ 🦋’ –
Christine Ferreri

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23. October Birthstone Heart and Diamond Accent Necklace Pendant 

Why we recommend it: This October Birthstone is said to encourage truth, loyalty, wisdom and clear thinking. 
Exquisitely designed Jewelry piece that will make an enduring and timeless gift for the special woman in your life.

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24. Birth Month Charm Bracelet

Why we like it: A color of harmony, carry the Rose Crystal to spread kindness to those around you. 
Why we recommend it: This stone charm bracelet will be her daily wear jewelry rotation.

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25. Stone Pendant Necklace with Birthstone Crystal

Why we like it: Unique, fashionable and comfortable necklace adorned with birthstone.
Why we recommend it: A magnificent piece of jewelry she would like to add in her collection.

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26. Birthstone Earring for Women Girls Stud Earrings

Promising Review: ‘Beautiful Earrings, Great price. I bought these for an upcoming family event to go with my outfit and these earrings were absolutely stunning.
Everyone complimented me on how sparkly and shiny and beautiful these earrings looked, everyone thought they were real!!! I highly recommend these earrings!’ – Aikta Anand-Sethi

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27. Birthstone Charms for Charms Bracelet

Why we like it: October birthstones is most often comes in a pretty pink. It is associated with hope, innocence, and purity. Brings happy dreams as well as enhances memory.
Why we recommend it: Will be such a sweet and special gift for October born daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend, grandma etc. 

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28. Glass Birthstone Heart

Promising Review: ‘Bought this for someone and this is very nice and hanging in the window to catch sunlight. Love the idea this represents a birth month.’ – Motorcycle chick

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29. Sterling Choice of Color Birthstone Ring

Why we recommend it: The special lady in your life deserves to feel fabulous. Indulge your mom, grandmother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, best friend or even yourself.

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30. Forever Love Heart Women Earrings 

Promising Review: ‘At the first glance, the lovely heart earrings come with a blue gift box, which looks elegant and fashionable.
The earrings themselves are also dazzling as a Cubic Zirconia Jewelry. This gift is beyond all the imagination of jewelry at this price.
Highly recommend them to anyone who are looking for the ideal earrings.’ – Paul Hsu

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What’s the Birthstone for October?

Tourmaline is the modern birthstone for October. Opal is the traditional birthstone.

What is the birthstone color for October?

Birthstone colors for October are Typically black but can range from colorless to yellow, orange, blue, red, green, pink, violet, or bi-colored (watermelon tourmaline)

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